What to expect

Is your problem Acute or Chronic? This may influence the way you should approach your health concern.

Chiropractic care is divided into three phases. Depending on your condition and its chronicity, you may be categorized into a care phase.

In our clinic, we provide different types of care. Each person and each need requires a different approach.

The first visit

Duration: 40min | Price: €70

As we embark on our therapeutic journey together, we encourage individuals to make positive lifestyle adjustments in line with general well-being practices. Prioritizing the intake of essential macronutrients and micronutrients crucial for bodily growth and repair. Striving to minimize exposure to toxins in the air, water, and food, engage in regular physical activity, address sedentary habits, foster social connections, ensure sufficient sleep, practice mindful breathwork, and work towards reducing unnecessary emotional stress. This proactive self-care lays a foundation for our collaborative efforts, allowing us to tailor advice specifically to your unique needs. For additional insights, feel free to explore our blog for comprehensive information.

Ahead of your initial visit, we kindly request you bring any current medications, supplements, and medical analytics or reports from past or present healthcare providers, including blood test results and imaging.

During the visit, our approach begins with a thorough history-taking process. This involves delving into your current condition, past and present ailments, lifestyle choices, psychosocial factors, family medical history, and relevant health background. This comprehensive history serves as a crucial starting point, guiding us to identify key focus areas. Subsequently, we conduct a physical examination to assess for limitations, discomfort, or abnormalities. These observations not only help pinpoint dysfunctions but also serve as a baseline for tracking physical improvements throughout the course of care.

Following the physical examination, we engage in a detailed discussion of our findings. We go through the identified issues, their potential origins, and propose the most suitable form of care for your specific needs. Together, we establish a care plan that aligns with your goals, detailing the modalities involved, their duration, and frequency. Additionally, we provide insights into what to expect during your initial care sessions.
Concluding your first visit is the commencement of chiropractic care, where you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractic adjustment is an integral part of all types of care we offer.