Phases of care

In our practice, we consider our patients’ health journey to be divided into 3 phases

Intensive care:

During this first phase of care patients are expected to visit the office at a higher frequency in order to overcome any specific dysfunction. Intensive care prioritizes short-term objectives and aims at getting rid of undesirable symptoms. Intensive care does not last long, but its desired benefits lie in the visits being frequent and regular. Each visit builds up on the previous one. The objective of intensive care is to not merely be content with the vanishing of symptoms, but to go ahead with care in order to restore proper physiological function.

Corrective care:

As we enter the corrective phase, we have overcome the acute discomfort that brought us to the office in the first place (usually). In the absence of any pain and/or major complaint, it might as well be the patient’s first step into care. Unlike intensive care, this second phase is not oriented by symptoms of pain but sets our sights on function. Our goals are rather in the medium term. The frequency of visits may decrease but self-care expectations increase. In the course of corrective care, patients acquire a sharper vision of their health and gain autonomy together with knowledge and renewed lifestyle habits.

Wellness care:

Wellness care can also be referred to as maintenance care. This ultimate phase of care focuses on maintaining or enhancing health and preventing any minor trouble from gaining ground and causing escalating consequences on the patient’s health. Wellness care is a proactive process rather than a reactive one, meaning that it is vain without the patient’s commitment and efforts. Just like we brush our teeth daily and see a dentist couple times a year as a precaution, we should get our spine, nervous system and other aspects of our health checked and cared for on a regular basis. During this phase we will focus on long term objectives and goals in health and in life which we will work to achieve together. Visit frequency is up to patients according to how they feel.